Heat Exchanger:

Due to the higher accumulation of scales, you can find error codes, odd sound of boiling and lower flow rate. Thus, you have to do descaling regularly to treat the part, where you have found water with minerals.


Our Descalant for boiler is highly functional and potential chemical agent for removing the scale, greasy layer and rust. It is also capable of removing heavy water scale deposits or iron oxides.

Chiller and Condenser:

AC condenser and chiller copper tubes have sticky compound and you can descale it with our product. The product has unique formula and is also non-corrosive. It does not affect any material.

Washing Machine: The drum of this appliance may have scale deposits for the accumulation of calcium and magnesium or other elements. It can affect the longevity and efficiency of the appliance. Thus, to remove the deposit, you can use Descalant. The scale deposits may be stubborn. However, still, you can wipe them out with our descalant. The washing machine will start working in an optimized way, and your clothes can become clean.

You may also apply our Descalants for cleaning electric kettles, coffee brewers, shower heads, steam irons, and taps.

 Application Industries wise:

 Paper industry:

While you work in the paper industry, you may purchase our Descalant for removing the scales of roller, cooler air compressor, calender bowl, scrubber, cooling tower, intercooler, tank, pipe, pump, motor body, vacuum filter and lots of other tools.

Rubber and plastics: In these industries, the Descalant is useful for different equipments, like boiler, absorption cooler, temperature controller, closed cooker and aftercooler.

Iron and steel industry: Casting tools, radiator, furnace, sewage pump and gas generator can be treated with the use of Descalant.

Automobile industry: Tank radiator, extruder, closed cooler

Glass industry: Pipe and exchanger

Beverage industry: Washing trough, sterilizer, chiller, bottle washer and carbondioxide gas maker

Food industry: Steam meter, ice machine, washer, steam meter, processing tools, cooling tower and condenser

Manufacturing industry: Vacuum filter and furnace, cooker, oil cracker, pump, pipe and air compressor

Textile industry: Extruding unit, coolers, air washers, air compressor and other machines

Medical industry: Sterilizer, distiller, vacuum pump, distiller and various other systems

Chemical industry: Reactor, dryer, washing machine, condenser, boiler and vacuum pump

Electric power industry: Turbine, boiler, transformer and hydrogen cooler

Metallurgical industry: Furnace parts, ventilation fans, sprinkler parts, mould cooling system.

Service industry: The heater, center AC system etc