How Our Descalant help?

While using our Descalant, you can find better formulation and composition that is effective at removing the scales. However, it will cause no negative effect on equipment.

  • Usually, this is one of the acidic elements, reacting with alkaline ones of a scale deposit.
  • This is useful for all types of cooling and heating systems, like vaporizers, boilers,evaporators and coils.
  • This causes the dissolution of scales very fast. It causes no harm to you and your equipment. It also increases the resilience of equipment.

Product Benefits

  • Designed for protecting the brass, carbon steel and copper from the effects of acid
  • There is a film, acting as an inhibitor
  • Penetrant in the product makes the performance better
  • Effective for dissolving the lime scale
  • Integrated with exhaustion indication system
  • Best for calorifiers or boilers

The Importance of Equipment Cleaning:

The circulation of water is the major cause behind the mineral scale. It takes three weeks to form the scales, and thus, we think that it is a very fast process. We have to maintain the water treatment unit for removing and solving the scale-related issue of any industrial tool. However, all the deposits, including scales, have to undergo the descaling process. While those deposits have not been removed thoroughly, they can cause a risk to your operation staff. They also result in the transfer of higher amount of heat, and it can deactivate the system fully. Your systems and equipment can get destroyed due to these reasons. A thin film of deposit may also cause the issue of insulation, and that’s why the equipment can turn out to be useless. Your overall cost will get increased, and you will find the serious blasting issues.We have already noted those problems in various fields.

Problems caused by scale:

  • Reduced heat conduction
  • Corrosion issue, shortening the life of equipment
  • Negative effect on the operational output of the equipment
  • Increase of energy usage
  • Product quality deterioration

Effect on energy consumption caused by scale

From a reliable source, we have seen that a scale, with thickness of 1.5mm, could cause an increase in the usage of energy by 15 percent. The efficiency level will also get reduced.
Heat Loss caused by scale

Scale thickness (mm) 0.5 0.8 1.0 1.25 1.6 2.2
Heat Loss (%) 3.5 7.0 8.0 10.00 12.5 15.0